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Last Wren is intentionally small. The intention is to remain flexible while providing the most personalized experience for you. We bring over 20 years of visual art and design experience to every website that we create.

Leah Wilson-Haley

Leah Wilson-Haley

Owner/Designer/Artist At Large

After receiving her Master’s degree in fine art in 2003, Leah needed a portfolio website to share her work with the world. An acquaintance built a basic website for her, and she quickly outgrew it. It was evident that either she learned how to navigate HTML and CSS, or she would need to be asking for assistance to edit her site far too frequently. She chose the former.

That website became the learning ground for Last Wren’s design and development. Throughout the years it has undergone countless iterations, sometimes being completely rebuilt from the ground up. It has evolved from a basic static website to a fully responsive site built with WordPress.

Leah had maintained a WordPress blog separate from the website. Eventually, as WordPress developed into a fully formed Content Management System (CMS), the website was rebuilt with WordPress in its entirety and remains so to this day.

As her skills developed with WordPress, she began to build websites for others… and Last Wren was born.

When Leah is not making websites or paintings, she can usually be found having outdoor adventures. She had been a whitewater kayaking instructor on the American River in California for 7 years and has paddled the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, and explored the rivers in Panama, Costa Rica, New Zealand, British Columbia and the USA.

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